Friday, January 09, 2009

Were Hollywood Leading Men, Cary Grant and Randolph Scott, secret gay lovers?

A new book has been published exploring the intimate relationship between two of Hollywood's biggest male stars, Cary Grant and Randolph Scott. Were actors Cary Grant and Randolph Scott gay? Were they lovers?

Below is an excerpt, written by Brett L. Abrams, where he talks about his new book, HOLLYWOOD BOHEMIANS: TRANSGRESSIVE SEXUALITY and the SELLING of the MOVIELAND DREAM

They appeared in silhouette, as Pacific Ocean waves crested behind them. [Randolph] Scott touched his lit cigarette against the cigarette dangling from [Cary] Grant’s mouth.

The presentation of two men smoking together appeared frequently in fiction during the era.

However, these scenes occurred in bars, saloons, and other “masculine” spaces rather than in a space that the culture viewed as romantic.

The interaction between the two men did not present them as a pair, isolated from everyone around them.

One man rarely lit the other man’s cigarette, and certainly did not lean forward to light a cigarette as it dangled from the other man’s mouth.

The image of a male and female couple lighting cigarettes within a beautiful night scene at home appeared most frequently in cigarette advertising since the mid–1920s. These images linked smoking cigarettes to romance.

Scott and Grant appeared within that similar type of romantic setting.

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J. Clarence said...

I thought this common knowledge, but yeah another story of a Hollywood actor in the closet taking part in a series of Lavender Weddings to keep the press at bay.

I kind of feel bad for these actors, who had to wear masks both on and off the set.

QTC said...

I feel bad for them too.

A closet is for clothes.

Chris said...

I feel Archie(Cary) was more bisexual ambivalent and Randolf was just (cute)screamingly gay in photos with Grant. That's the sad part, it seems Randolf was completely in love with Cary and 8-10 Kinsey scale gay. Someone wrote even as older men they had been seen holding hands at a restaurant, probably sadly romantic reminiscing not just brotherly buds.

Even in this day and age two men of that stature in Hollywood can't stay together 'out' and still be considered sexy idols as men, only after death as in Rock Hudson's case still be considered a hunk. The rules still are Hollywood start attractive men must only show attraction or availability for women.

I still think Ben Affleck and Matt Damon had an intimate physical relationship even after college but have stayed friends and done the industry 'proper' manly thing of sexual scandals with women. Ugh. As a bi-lesbian it's sad and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

The "evidence" that they were lovers is really just heresay. The actors themselves are long dead as are most of the people who knew them intimately.

Grant firmly denied that he was homosexual and several of his wives have spoken openly about the robust sex life they shared (after their divorces when they had nothing to protect). Not one (credible) man has stepped forward and revealed that he had an affair with either Cary Grant or Randolph Scott. That doesn't mean they weren't lovers and it's a lot of fun to think they were but the truth is, we'll never really know for sure.

Meanwhile, everyone trots out those 1930s Santa Monica photos and says, "See, here's the proof!"
Uh, yeah, but those were studio publicity photos. I find it hard to believe that the studios would promote the two of them living together if it was actually "common knowlege" that they were lovers. These are the same studios that kicked actors like William Haines and Ramon Navarro out the door for being homosexual.

justin said...

i just now found out about this and sorry gays they still bat straight cant make em heroes. The pictures were taken by a very gay photographer who also as was common in the day staged them for the pics only the photographer new the angle was very gay. hi jinks by the pool pick rotate camera few degrees left it would be much more obvious grant was waiting to be shoved into the pool verses waiting for massage or sodomy. have you ever been by the ocean at night lighting a smoke and talking with a friend wind and waves dont make for anything easy at a distance. do i need to point out how staged the rest were or are you good. Dont worry you still got neil patrick harris and i love him, plus almost all other english actors, just not Grant. Do you think some day straight people will be trying to say ellen was straight all along and heres proof shes satnding next to a guy by a beach so she must love the wang not vagina. Come on really.