Thursday, August 27, 2009

Talent Watch: OLTL's David A. Gregory

David A. Gregory is a very pleasant addition to the canvas of one of my favourite daytime soaps, One Life To Live.. With charm and talent to spare, I found myself asking where he came from. Because there was next to nothing about David online, I had to do extensive research in order to compose the following biography of him. I've also posted a very tongue-in-cheek TV commercial that David did about a year ago for a product called Airborne. In it, he plays Sebastian (pictured above right), a muscular, shirtless romance novel hero-type. Check it out below...enjoy!

I also created this assemblage of pics of David, as Sebastian.

David A. Gregory Biography:

Birthdate: August 19th, 1985. David was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska.

During his teenage years, David was a standout performer on local stages, excelling in singing, dancing and acting. He appeared in productions for the Fairbanks Summer Fine Arts Camp, the North Star Ballet, the Fairbanks Light Opera Theatre, the Fairbanks Drama Association, the UAF Music Department, the Mo Holland Dance Studio, the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, among others.

David graduated with a degree in music and theater from Ohio's Baldwin-Wallace College Music Theater Program in May 2008.

Stage, Film and Television credits:

David appeared in a production of “The Full Monty” presented by the American Musical Theatre of San Jose in September, 2008.

Also in 2008, David had a small role as a reformed gay prostitute in the NBC crime drama, Law & Order.

In August 2009, David made his daytime debut on the popular ABC drama, One Life To Live, playing reality TV producer, Ford.

David is currently filming an as yet to be titled James L. Brooks movie. The romantic comedy stars Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Jack Nicholson and Paul Rudd.

One of David's most recent roles was as Sebastian, a romance novel hero-type, in a TV commercial for Airborne. YouTube. When asked if he could ride a horse during the Airborne commercial auditions, he said, "Only a pony. At a state fair. I was 6." He was hired anyway and flew to Toronto on an afternoon's notice. The next day, he learned how to ride a horse.

Check out the amusing YouTube clip of a shirtless "Sebastian" riding, romping and reminding folks of why they need to use Airborne.

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giano56 said...

Thanks so much for doing the leg work on this. Yesterday's scene while a hoot, did raise the temperature in my TV room. This guy has "it"

QTC said...


You're welcome

He's a hottie.



Anonymous said...

Is he gay?

Anonymous said...

idk i hope so though

Tena said...

David A. Gregory, what can you say except this guy is pure beef cake, crazy beautiful, and most of all definately the sexiest man ALIVE. I say alive because my guy was the hottest man on the planet who ever lived but he since passed, killed in a robbery 4 years ago. His name was David also and just as hot, playful, sexy and a guy you just couldn't take your eyes off. When men like them are around, you can't ignore them, their magnetic and super attractive, you know the boy you CAN'T say no to, even when he's bad and he's oh so good at being bad. Much worst we let them get away with it for awhile. My guy was sweet and beautiful inside and out and that made him even more
appealing. Yes, every girls dream and maybe every gay guys HOPE so.
Yes men can be stunningly handsome and straight as an arrow and not be a womanizer although they have more oppurtunity than Joe average. Let's face it people, hotties can get more bodies cause everybody wants them, but that also affords them the leasure to be picky and take there time, trust me I know.
This guy could have anyone, but I have a feeling he is a good guy, at least we know he's a damn good actor. I want him to stick around for a long time, cause he has all the right moves and yes he's very easy on the eyes. He's also done the impossible, he's flipped my switch and gave me back my desire which I haven't felt since my Dave died. So, I guess that makes him a healer so to speak. Yes, he's got it, that thing we can't explain yet know it when we experience it and I personally want more. I wish him all the best in his acting career and do look forward to seeing more of him. Maybe Playgirl should ask him to do a spread, it would be a top seller for sure. David, your the new it guy and you got my vote. He signed a 1 year contract with "One Life To Live", so don't worry folks, they didn't kill him off on the show. Should be very interesting to see where the story line will go now with all the recent turn of events. Enjoy everyone, I know I will...

Anonymous said...

great post